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Use once a week in your home skincare regime.

After cleansing with Gel Cleanser apply a fine layer over the entire face and neck avoiding the eye area. If the product starts to dry too quickly spay with Hydrating Mist.

On fine sensitive skin leave for 15 minutes and remove gently with warm water.

For a deeper exfoliation leave on for 25 minutes and when removing gently work in circular movements the fine particles of walnut shell powder. Remove thoroughly with warm water.

Once the dead skin cells have been dissolved a thick layer of Hydrating Gel can be applied to instantly plump the skin (See Hydrating Gel for application).

Once the Hydrating Gel has been removed apply Eye Gel and Hydrating Mist followed by your preferred products.

If the Enzyme Peel is your first step of your homecare regime remove Hydrating Gel and continue with either Collagen, Net-45 or Phyto 4 and Serum apply mask (see Mask for more details).


Enzyme Peel & Hydrating Gel

Water based products and essential ingredients can only penetrate into the skin if the surface layers are free from any build up of dead skin cells. Enzyme peel contains natural enzymes of papaya and pineapple, that when applied to the skin, will simply dissolve dead cells leaving the skin feeling smooth and silky. This gentle peel is perfect for every skin but with the addition of a fine walnut shell powder, it can be activated to give a deeper exfoliation, if required.Use once a week and read the instructions for the variation in the level of peeling required.


Advanced double-action peel.

Enzyme peel, similarly to Hydrating Gel can also be applied to serve two different functions, only Enzyme Peel is more suitable as an exfoliator. When applied in a thick layer, the natural enzymes of Papaya & Pineapple Extract gently dissolve dead skin cells without causing any damage to the underlying new skin. Those with sensitive skin should leave the product for 5 minutes and gently remove with warm water.

For a deeper peel on thicker skin, leave the product for 15 minutes and when removing, work the walnut shell particles like a scrub in circular motions around the face, then remove with warm water. It is recommended that Enzyme Peel be used once a week.

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