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Cleansing thoroughly is so important if you want to achieve perfect skin. You may have applied make-up and SPF during the day and as a result your skin has accumulated a layer of dead cells and toxins on the surface caused by perspiration. To start your routine, the first product included is Cream Cleanser. It is packed with natural oils which are gentle enough to remove eye make-up. Being water-soluble it can be simply be removed with warm water.

The next and possibly most crucial addition is “Hydrating Mist”. You have all heard of Collagen, which keeps our skin looking plump and ageless, however what supports the Collagen is called Hyaluronic Acid. Nicknamed as the “key to the fountain of youth”, Hyaluronic Acid is one of the most important ingredients used in LM products and the main one in Hydrating Mist. Fabulous to use throughout the day, even, over make-up.

Whatever cream you apply day or night, you want it to work on whatever issue your skin has on that particular day. Skin changes every day, through food, environment and emotional stress and that is why LM2 has been included, the most versatile cream in the range. LM2 is extremely light in texture, so perfect for the day but also rich in high levels of essential vitamins and anti-oxidants that destroy free radicals, that try and damage our skin.

Your skin relaxes while you sleep and so is the best time for Phyto 4 and Serum (the LM treatment products) to work together. Our skin can have so many different issues going on at the same time today, your skin should not be labelled oily, dry or combination, as you probably have a bit of everything going on. The best advise to our clients is to feed your skin as you feed your body, and if any product absorbs quickly, apply more! It means your skin is still hungry.

Included products:
Cream Cleanser, Hydrating Mist, LM2, Phyto 4, Serum


An ideal first step into Linda Meredith Skincare

As an introduction to the range, five products have been carefully selected within this beautiful presentation for you to experience a simple, but effective way to achieve beautiful skin.

Existing skin care regimes have been around for decades and most people still follow them as though they are set in stone, passed down by our mothers and grandmothers, yet our world has changed and so has our skin. You don’t want to spend any more time on your routine but you want results. Read more

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