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Complimentary LM2 with any purchase of Collagen Gel

The LM concept of layering products was designed to give maximum results through a variation of nutrients.

Collagen is an essential ingredient as it keeps the skin plump and firm. LM2 contains an array of Vitamins and plant extracts including Beta Glucan which aids in the production of Collagen in the skin.

To accept this unique and limited time promotion, add the code LMCOLLAGEN19 on checkout to activate it.

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Meet The Queen of Facials

Linda Meredith

Linda Meredith has worked in the beauty industry for over 40 years.

Learn how Linda has created a brand dedicated to producing skincare products that deal with skin problems and not skin types. The result is a skincare range that's pregnancy safe and against animal testing. 

Beloved by some of the world’s most famous men and women. In a world of fillers and aggressive medical treatments, it offers a truly beautiful and alternative solution. Linda Meredith Skincare is a ground-breaking innovation that works to powerfully enrich and support the skin; each product contains its own potent combination of essential oils, vitamins and active ingredients.

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Experience Linda Meredith Products & Treatments at the Palazzo Versace Hotel, Jaddaf Waterfront, Dubai

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Beloved by some of the World’s most famous men and women.


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