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amazon review

‘Amazon, an amazing miracle!’ – Arielle K

With Amazon I. Discovered some years ago in London I found what I expected subconsciously: a wonderful smooth and soft texture , enveloping your skin as a caress, a smell a real delight of a familiar story of protection and kindness and an amazing feeling for my. Skin looking more relaxed and tonic. A healing treatment for skin and soul.

‘Amazing Amazon’ – Diana S

Amazon is a wonderful product. I absolutely love it and use it as a combination moisturizer/ primer before applying foundation. I highly recommend.

Amazon Skin Balm – Lesley L

I have used this Linda Meredith product for very many years having been introduced to it by my daughter. As a 75 year old lady I need a rich, nourishing moisturiser that is easily absorbed and yet is not greasy. I use it in the evening when my face feels tight and feel immediate absorption and elasticity. I love it.

‘Alis youthful skin returned – Allison A

I have been using most of your products sine I lived in London and continued to order them online when I moved to Poole and subsequently back to Scotland. I find them very easily absorbed by my skin without leaving any stickiness. They have helped me get back to normal after a very stressful few years.

‘Amazing Skincare Products’ - Debbie

I have been using various Linda Meredith skincare products for 7-8 years and I continue to rate these highly. They feel great on the skin (no iritation or blemishes) and help plump and moisturise


I bought this item for my daughter-in-law who is a great fan of your products. I was impressed with the quality of the service and the speed with which the item was delivered.

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