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Linda Meredith Facials

V-Tox Oxygen Therapy

The V-Tox Oxygen Therapy Facial is available at our Knightsbridge Clinic and select Linda Meredith Spa's Globally.

For Knightsbridge, London bookings, please book your appointment online using the button below, alternatively call us on 0207 225 2755.



Linda Meredith V-TOX uses algae derivatives to relax the skin. The facial was designed for clients who wanted to see visible results but did not want to undergo an invasive cosmetic procedure. This is a safe and effective treatment for clients of any age and is also pregnancy safe.

The Linda Meredith Oxygen treatment is carried out and then the V-TOX is added to specific areas that need to be treated, or a fine layer can be applied generally over the entire face and neck. The product is then infused into the skin by the steady flow of oxygen. Incredible results are achieved with a course of six treatments close together to ensure the effects remain over a period of months.

Taking your treatment home

V-Tox Oxygen MAsks

You can also continue the treatment when at home or when travelling with our retail oxygen masks. Packed full of Hyaluronic Acid and Beta-Glucan which visibly plump and firm the skin. It also contains Vitamins A, C & E and Green Tea to leave the skin looking radiant.

V-Tox is also available in a retail variant. For a full ‘at-home’ facial set available for home delivery, please follow the link below.

Discover V-Tox Oxygen Masks