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Linda Meredith


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Linda Meredith Featured Promotion

Oxygen Serum Facial Masks

An exciting summer gift giveaway from Linda Meredith - Oxygen Serum Facial Masks!

Arguably the most famous ‘At Home’ Linda Meredith Skincare Facial Treatment Product, complimentary with any purchase.

Oxygen Serum Masks are our featured product of the month for July, so we decided the best possible summer gift for our clients, is to add a home treatment mask with any purchase!

‘A great night out’ (or in?)

Created for clients needing a ‘pre’ night out or event facial top-up without the time or availability to visit our Knightsbridge Clinic. The simple solution was to replicate our treatment in the best way possible – from the comfort of your own home, and so our Oxygen Serum Facial masks were born.

Claim your complimentary Oxygen Mask… 

Exclusively to our online store, with any purchase of any value, an Oxygen Treatment Mask will be added, (valued at £40). As is custom with LM Promotions, there are no limits to repeat orders to receive your free product, clients may wish to purchase multiple times for friends and family, this is entirely welcome. 

Wishing you an incredible summer, from the team at LM.

Claim your Oxygen Mask Here

Returns & Replacements - Your Way

Did you know: Linda Meredith Skincare has a very unique way of ensuring client satisfaction with their product choices and home skincare routines. Firstly, we always have a team member available to advise, whether it be starting fresh or just making changes, we will always strive to set you up with exactly what you need to get going with LM. Email us at

If ever you are unsure, and wish to purchase and sample a particular product, please check out with confidence. If, for any reason the product isn’t perfectly suited to you, or if you have used a product for a while and feel that it may not have been your preferred choice, please get in touch and we can then swap it for something that will work better for you. At the same time if you feel that you were more comfortable with a different routine or brand, our returns policy is comprehensive, and we are more than happy to accommodate your preferences.

The Queen of Facials

Linda Meredith

Linda Meredith is a name synonymous with beauty. Having worked in the industry for over 50 years, Linda has gained expert understanding of how modern lifestyles, stress, hormones and changes to our environment have effected our skin.  

Her skilled and talented methods are beloved by some of the world’s most famous men and women. Because in the world of fillers and aggressive medical treatments, Linda Meredith offers a truly beautiful and alternative solution. A ground-breaking innovation that works to powerfully enrich and support the skin; each product containing its own potent combination of essential oils, vitamins and active ingredients. 

Learn how Linda has created a brand dedicated to producing results driven skincare that deals with skin problems and not skin types. 

Learn about Linda

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‘‘LM1 is the best moisturiser I have ever used, no question”

– Rosemund Pike, Gone Girl

“The ultimate v-tox facial, the effects are quite astounding”

– Amanda Byram, Huffington Post

“Like nothing else on the market”

– Luxury lifestyle magazine

'V-Tox is Beauty must have'

– Tatler magazine

Amazon feels like the spa visit you won’t have time for, in a jar’

– Daily Mail