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V-Tox 30g Beauchamp Edition

Linda Meredith skincare is happy to announce the return of a client favourite promotion for the Brands leading Hero product, V-Tox.

V-Tox utilises a botanical algae to mimic the smoothing, line-diminishing effects of BOTOX, naturally. It restores the skin’s elastin, collagen and moisture levels which results in firmer, smoother and more youthful looking skin. V-Tox is the ultimate must have anti-ageing skin cream for all daily skincare routines.

With any purchase of V-Tox 50g, a 'Beauchamp Edition' V-Tox 30g will be gifted with our compliments. Simply enter the code VTOX2020 and we will do the rest, thank you from the team at Linda Meredith.

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Her skilled and talented methods are beloved by some of the world’s most famous men and women. Because in the world of fillers and aggressive medical treatments, Linda Meredith offers a truly beautiful and alternative solution. A ground-breaking innovation that works to powerfully enrich and support the skin; each product containing its own potent combination of essential oils, vitamins and active ingredients. 

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Beloved by some of the World’s most famous men and women.