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Collagen Gel

The Linda Meredith Collagen Gel is a fine silky gel that completely absorbs into the deeper layers, boosting vital collagen levels. It helps to maintain moisture, visibly reducing fine lines and wrinkles particularly over the eye area. Apply morning and night under moisturiser.

Collagen is a protein and one of the main components in supporting the structure of our skin. Our body’s production of collagen begins to slow down in our mid-twenties but is not visible on the surface layers until our mid-thirties, making it vital for us to support skin levels by adding collagen into our skin care regime.

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Linda Meredith SKINCARE


50g jar of V-tox the best anti wrinkle cream


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Oxygen Mask

Oxygen Mask

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Phyto 4

Phyto 4

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Linda Meredith Skincare

Care & Support

In the first few months of 2020, Linda Meredith Skincare introduced a very well received campaign aimed at supporting front line workers. The campaign introduced a complimentary Net-45 to those who most needed it. Net-45 is a beautifully nourishing and repairing moisturiser useful to those new to the issues with frequent hand washing, abrasive sanitisers and lines from face masks. 

This campaign was later reconsidered to include anyone whose regular care for their skin, was interrupted through change of work or financial circumstance. Additionally, through personal requests, given to us by clients who wished to gift the product to those who they felt really needed it.

After the success of the first campaign, and the latest restocking of this product, LM is delighted to immediately re-introduce this campaign for 2021. This campaign is open to those in front line care and to those who would most benefit. Please get in touch with full details of any nominees, and the team will be delighted to assist. At the same time if you wish to have any questions answered regarding the Brand, please email directly, with thanks, from the team at Linda Meredith.

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The Queen of Facials

Linda Meredith

Linda Meredith is a name synonymous with beauty. Having worked in the industry for over 45 years, Linda has gained expert understanding of how modern lifestyles, stress, hormones and changes to our environment have effected our skin.  

Her skilled and talented methods are beloved by some of the world’s most famous men and women. Because in the world of fillers and aggressive medical treatments, Linda Meredith offers a truly beautiful and alternative solution. A ground-breaking innovation that works to powerfully enrich and support the skin; each product containing its own potent combination of essential oils, vitamins and active ingredients. 

Learn how Linda has created a brand dedicated to producing results driven skincare that deals with skin problems and not skin types. 

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Beloved by some of the World’s most famous men and women.