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Q3 Anti-Wrinkle Cream

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This luxurious buttery cream feels as light as air, melts into the skin and leaves absolutely no residue. An advanced wrinkle solution that rejuvenates the natural moisturising system deep within the epidermis and helps to firm and rebuild surface layers. 

Q3 contains potent ‘cellular activators’ designed to restore the skin’s natural moisture content and help smooth away wrinkles. Q3 is particularly effective as an ‘after-sun’ repairing sun damage and promoting natural healing. Q3 is vegan compliant, paraben free, pregnancy safe and along with all Linda Meredith products, against animal testing.


Brands can have tens, even hundreds of choices for specific skin issues, and as we all know, many of these skin concerns can all be seen on one person. Linda Meredith Skincare has a clear, simple choice of 3 moisturisers, each with an innovative combination of essential ingredients to work on and improve all skin-types, whilst each maintaining its own identity and benefits for client preferences.

For a more luxurious, rich cream, better suited for mature or dry ‘rough’ skin, view NET-45. For a light fluid emulsion and all-purpose day cream, view LM2.


  • Q3 contains Bio-Pol® that acts to disperse skin surface oils (sebum) in such a way that it appears to “disappear” into the skin’s layers. These also act to control natural oils on the surface of the skin, reducing any natural oiliness and leaving skin feeling clean and refreshed.
  • High percentages of saffron oil and soya bean extract have been added to replenish moisture levels deep within the skin, helping to improve the appearance of stretch marks and scar tissue. ‘Ceramide NG’ works to bind moisture and enhance the skin's hydration helping to maintain its smoothness and suppleness.
  • Q3 also contains a large amount of Vitamin E which is soothing and calming, as well as Purcellian; a component of bio-oil that is highly effective in treating numerous skin conditions, sun damage and assisting the repair of scar tissue.

Refill Sizes

Clients wishing for a more efficient way to restock their regularly purchased favourites, may wish to consider the refill sizes. With the overall saving of materials and waste, equating to approximately 80%, LM is able to offer these sizes with a significant saving. Each refill size is 20% more efficient on cost, than the retail equivalent. Thank you for considering this option.

Q3 Anti-Wrinkle Cream
Q3 Anti-Wrinkle Cream Sale price£79.00GBP