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1. Client: I have started to get a few red spots (a sensitive rash) on one side of my face and wonder if I am cleansing too hard… 

Linda: It is unlikely you are cleansing too hard as the irritation would be all over your face and not just the sides. You do not need to be aggressive with any products during application, especially if your skin is sensitive. I believe it may be coming from your phone. Make sure you wipe your phone with anti-bacterial wipes and change your pillowcase more frequently to clear any bacteria that may re-infect your face. It is a pattern I am seeing more of in recent years, what we have on our hands, is transferred to our phone, then to our face where the skin is far more sensitive, it may very well be the solution.

2. Client: What are the type of products I should be avoiding when working from home? Also which products do you recommend?

Linda: Products to avoid when working from home are any aggressive peels and scrubs which can leave the skin stripped of its protective barrier and open to infection and de-hydration. In addition, any products containing SPF that may not be necessary whilst spending more time indoors. SPFs contain harsh chemicals and can reduce our Vitamin D intake. If you do need it whilst you are outside, ensure it is thoroughly washed off whilst at home.

The most essential products are Gel Cleanser, Hydrating Mist and Phyto 4. Gel Cleanser to start your routine and thoroughly cleanse the skin. Hydrating Mist as a Hyaluronic Acid top-up daily booster, & Phyto 4 for its rich essential oils. Phyto 4 is amongst my very favourites and the most versatile product in our range. Also Gel Cleanser is perfectly suitable to break the skin bond and fatty outer layer that carries viruses, so you can also use it as a handwash.

3. Client: Which specific ingredients should I be considering adding to my routine?

Linda: There are over 100,000 ingredients used in skincare products today and the quality of each can vary. Their effectiveness depends on the percentage and variant used. Our skin needs feeding with nutrients the same as our bodies. Vitamins, essential and omega oils are all vital for healthy skin.

4. Client: I would like to know why there are only a limited number of products in your range?

Linda: I have kept the range small and limited to what is necessary, there are far too many products on the market today making it very difficult for women to really know which ones they actually need. There are products which work on the surface to remove the build-up of dead skin cells and products which work beneath the surface to support the skin.

I want products and ingredients to support the important elements that our body naturally produce such as Collagen. At the same time essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins that we are supposed to be getting from our food, which are being depleted by the now common processing and preservation of it. The essential ingredients need replacing and with significant enough percentages - something I deem crucial in my formulations. Good quality ingredients may reduce profit margins, but the main priority is to maintain healthy glowing skin. This is my philosophy.

5. Client: I have heard of ‘bluelight’ from smartphones and computers, is this real?

Linda: In 2020 a consumer products company carried out a study that found sitting in front of a computer for 5 to 6 hours a day is the same as spending 25 minutes in the mid-day sun without any protection. This Blue Light emitted from your screen not only increases pigmentation but also may increase premature ageing. To help protect against this invisible enemy make sure you continue with your every-day skin care regime as it is easy to miss a day or two when working from home and not wearing make-up. As your device also emits heat, extra hydration is important. Amazon will help protect and Hydrating Mist can be used throughout the day even over make-up. 

6. Client. I break out badly (cystic acne) with any creams or formulations that contain cocoa butter or shea butter and I think also from some mineral oils. My skin has suffered from heavy use of benzoyl peroxide and over the years I have taken medication for acne such as Accutane. My skin is much better than it was, but I still struggle with moderate acne and enlarged pores which means at 35 my skin isn't in the best of conditions. Any advice you could give I would be most grateful for?

Linda. Ok, so what you need to do is heal the skin. There are hundreds of thousands of ingredients that can go into creams and if they are too heavy like Mineral oil, they will block the pores and cause more problems. 99% of LM creams are water based and the more you use, the better and quicker the skin will heal. In the past you have probably stripped the surface trying to stop the oil production. You need to nourish and soften the surface so the oil will flow easier and not get blocked under the surface. I recently met someone who told me he virtually cured acne with diet. Keep the sugar down.

Net-45 is perfect, and it will soften the skins surface. LM2 is great option for the daytime as the ingredients are remarkably similar, just a lighter version. Then you could introduce Phyto 4 and use it as a mask once a week, this will break down trapped sebum under the surface. Some people use it every night but right now it is better if you stick to NET-45. Gel Cleanser has 1% BHA, which is antiseptic and absorbs under the surface. Keep your skin well moisturised and hydrated as this is the key to anti-ageing.