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Amazon Enzyme Peel

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Linda Meredith’s Amazon Enzyme Peel uses natural enzymes and unique botanical oils to remove the build-up of dead skin cells and improve skin texture, without using the harsh abrasives that may damage underlying skin cells.

Any effective beauty routine begins with a smooth, clean surface. Proper exfoliation is necessary to promote healthy skin regeneration and improve the effectiveness of follow up treatment products and moisturisers. 


The natural enzymes of Papaya & Pineapple act as a gentle surface peel, whilst Walnut Shell powder lifts any build-up of surface pollution & debris. To ensure the skin is immediately protected, Aloe Vera and the Amazon’s Carapa seed oil act to soothe and reduce any inflammation.

Acai Fruit Oil and Camellia Leaf Extract complete the list of beneficial ingredients with anti-ageing properties and the familiar, comforting & natural scent, makes each application a treat in itself, truly a wonder product in the LM range. 


Every individual will have differences in skin thickness, knowing how and when to exfoliate will reduce damage to surface layers. Generally, for Amazon Enzyme Peel, a gentle peel for delicate skin should take no longer than five minutes; for a deeper peel up to 15 minutes is recommended. In each case remove with warm water and application should be about once a week.

Refill SizesClients wishing for a more efficient way to restock their regularly purchased favourites, may wish to consider the refill sizes. With the overall saving of materials and waste, equating to approximately 80%, LM is able to offer these sizes with a significant saving. Each refill size is 20% more efficient on cost, than the retail equivalent. Thank you for considering this option.

Amazon Enzyme Peel
Amazon Enzyme Peel Sale price£63.00GBP