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LM2 Light fluid lotion

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LM2 is a powerful, yet light, fluid emulsion that leaves a silky-smooth finish, perfectly suited for day use on skin of all ages and ethnicities. Ideal for clients who prefer lighter moisturisers yet still need the effectiveness & results of richer formulations.

LM2 was initially developed as an at-home version of the Salon Exclusive ‘Oxygen Serum’, containing many of the same base benefits as the iconic professional treatment. LM2 is rich in anti-ageing ingredients, Vitamins, nourishing plant extracts and essential oils. LM2 is also Vegan, pregnancy safe & as with all LM products, against animal testing.


Brands can have tens, even hundreds of choices for specific skin issues, and as we all know, many of these skin concerns can all be seen on one person. Linda Meredith Skincare has a clear, simple choice of 3 moisturisers, each with an innovative combination of essential ingredients to work on and improve all skin-types, whilst each maintaining its own identity and benefits for client preferences.

For a more luxurious, rich cream, better suited for mature or dry ‘rough’ skin, view Net-45. For a light fluid emulsion and all-purpose day cream, view LM2.


  • LM2 is rich in plant-based Vitamin A, and Vitamins C & E, beneficial in fighting cell damaging free radicals. Panthenol, also known as Vitamin B5 is included to stimulate cell regeneration.
  • LM2 also contains Beta-Glucan, an immune-enhancing nutritional supplement that promotes hydration, plumps the skin and improves moisture loss. Beta-Glucan is essential in protecting the skins natural barrier and helps soothe redness and irritation.


  • Contains a healthy percentage of Camelia Extract, also known as Green Tea, an antioxidant included to reduce the signs of ageing. This ingredient helps the skin retain moisture and less susceptible to fine lines and wrinkles. 
  • Ginseng Root and Aloe Vera are present to promote circulation, stimulate the skins natural infection fighting properties, hydrate, soothe and heal the skin.

Refill Sizes

Clients wishing for a more efficient way to restock their regularly purchased favourites, may wish to consider the refill sizes. With the overall saving of materials and waste, equating to approximately 80%, LM is able to offer these sizes with a significant saving. Each refill size is 20% more efficient on cost, than the retail equivalent. Thank you for considering this option.

LM2 Light fluid lotion
LM2 Light fluid lotion Sale price£69.00GBP