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Clay Mask 150ml

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A Unique, Double Action Clay Mask

Linda Meredith Clay Mask is an entirely natural, healing blend of essential oils, combined with Kaolin & Bentonite Clay, perfectly suited for any type of skin.

Clay Masks are typically designed to draw impurities out of the skin that can cause acne or clogged pores, LM Clay Mask adds a second step to this treatment by replacing the impurities, with an array of potent & powerful essential oils, repairing and healing any issues that have been caused by the ‘build-ups’.

This Double Action Mask has also been designed initially from a professional treatment, to work with other products in the Linda Meredith range on specific skin concerns ranging from  redness & breakouts, all the way to improving hydration and anti-ageing.

Best combinations for specific results

  • For the best results on excess oil, redness and breakouts, use in conjunction with Phyto 4+, the combination of the ingredients also significantly improves skin firming & tightening.
  • Clay Mask works brilliantly with any LM moisturiser. The combination of Net-45 is a particular favourite amongst clientele for its rich, luxurious & nourishing key ingredients.
  • For Anti-Ageing, Clay Mask works particularly well with V-Tox. As a base cream applied beneath the Mask, V-Tox’s absorption rates will be accelerated, helping to restore the skins Collagen, Elastin & Moisture levels with greater efficacy.

Key Ingredients

  • Kaoiln & Bentonite Clays don’t just draw out impurities, they enhance the absorption rates of more beneficial ingredients needed to support the skin.
  • Thyme Oil, Geranium Oil and Lavender Oil contain anti-septic, healing and soothing properties, whilst providing the products beautiful and natural scent.
  • Cypress and Rosemary Oil reduce inflammation, calm and soothe whilst improving skin regeneration. The entirely natural formula of Clay Mask is pregnancy safe, vegan friendly and along with the entirety of the Linda Meredith range, not tested on animals.
    Clay Mask 150ml
    Clay Mask 150ml Sale price£45.00GBP