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Net-45 Rich Moisturiser

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Linda Meredith’s Net-45, described as ‘the cashmere of moisturisers’ is a luxurious dream cream better suited to improve & repair mature, dry and rough skin. Net-45 is a restoring and replenishing combination of Fruit Oils, nourishing Vitamins, Cereals and Plant Oils.

From the same ‘family’ as the light emulsion LM2, Net-45 is perfect for those who like a rich cream that leaves the skin soft, silky and without the typical sticky finish. As with LM2, Net-45 is an anti-ageing power moisturiser that stimulates the production of Collagen whilst brightening, hydrating & healing. Can also be used as an evening mask to nourish and plump the skin.


Brands can have tens, even hundreds of choices for specific skin issues, and as we all know, many of these skin concerns can all be seen on one person. Linda Meredith Skincare has a clear, simple choice of 3 moisturisers, each with an innovative combination of essential ingredients to work on and improve all skin-types, whilst each maintaining its own identity and benefits for client preferences.

For a light fluid emulsion and all-purpose day cream, visit LM2. For a buttery smooth, dynamic anti-wrinkle solution, view Q3.


  • Net-45 contains Pantothenic Acid (VB5), a deeply hydrating nutrient that attracts & retains moisture whilst repairing skin tissue, essential for those with dry, flaky or skin prone to acne.
  • The fruit oils of Lime & Orange help to brighten the skin, reducing pigmentation and age spots, the oils also provide Net-45 with beautiful and natural citrus fragrance.


  • A perfect blend of sweet Almond Oil, Avocado & Camellia Oil extracts act as a natural skin conditioner and sun protector. Camomile & Geranium extract nourish and repair.
  • Net-45 also contains Squalene, which makes up a significant percentage of the skins own naturally occurring oils, vital to skin lubrication and protection. The key benefits of Net-45 are vital not just for mature skin, but skin of all ages and types, sealing its place as one of LM’s most popular products.

Refill Sizes

Clients wishing for a more efficient way to restock their regularly purchased favourites, may wish to consider the refill sizes. With the overall saving of materials and waste, equating to approximately 80%, LM is able to offer these sizes with a significant saving. Each refill size is 20% more efficient on cost, than the retail equivalent. Thank you for considering this option.

Net-45 Rich Moisturiser
Net-45 Rich Moisturiser Sale price£67.00GBP