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Collagen Synergie 50ml

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Collagen Synergie is an incredible anti-ageing breakthrough from Linda Meredith - a simple skin spray that is scientifically proven to reduce wrinkles, increase elasticity and even-out skin tone. Collagen Synergie from Linda Meredith comes in a handy travel-sized treatment which makes boosting your skin hydration easy. It helps to balance natural skin processes and rebuild moisture levels, leaving your skin firm and plump.


Swiss Apple Stem Cell Extract – A revolutionary anti-ageing active ingredient. The stem cells drawn from this fruit help maintain the balance of the skins stem cells, repair the skin and offer clear age-delaying effects.

Soluble Native Collagen Molecules – A high level of soluble native collagen molecules are used and remain on the skins surface to infuse the surface with moisture. It helps to boost hydration, smooth lines and wrinkles and even complexion. 

Natural Moisturising Factors (NMF’s) - are a mixture of powerful substances which draw water from the atmosphere around us. It is highly beneficial in balancing natural skin processes, rebuilding moisture levels and leaving the skin plump and firm.