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We can confirm that your shopping experience will not be impacted, and you will be able to continue to place orders to EU destinations as normal. All our orders to EU countries will be delivered duty paid (DDP) and there will be no customs fees for you to pay.

LM as a Brand, is comprehensively against animal testing, all manufacturers and suppliers of LM fully conform to our practices in this regard. Product compliance statements are available upon request.

Linda Meredith products have a minimum shelf life of 3 years after which time the products slowly reduce in their effectiveness. Once opened our recommended policy is to use the product within 1 year.

The Linda Meredith Brand fully supports Vegan and Vegetarian practices and is making steps to ensure that the entire range is suitable. The majority of the range is already Vegan, however, we advise that trace elements may be present in Oxygen Mask, Collagen Gel and Collagen Synergie. In their current form, these products are not suitable for Vegans, however a fully Vegan Collagen Gel alternative is in development, we will update this page when more information is available.

The safety of any product ingredient relates to the percentages used and the access to the bloodstream. The 2 most common ingredients we are asked about are Vitamin A and Salicylic Acid. In regards to Vitamin A, it is animal derived retinol that is considered unsafe for pregnant mothers, whereas LM uses a plant based variant. Salicylic Acid for example in Gel Cleanser is present at 0.05% and is regarded significantly below any levels considered harmful. With extensive research LM is confident our products pose no harm to expecting mothers, however it is always recommended whether pregnant or where a client is under the care of a Doctor or Medical Practitioner, to consult with them and make the best judgement for themselves whether the product is suitable.

All products on the Linda Meredith site will be categorised and within each category are products best suited to each clients need. The best and most simple practice for application in order is as follows: Cleansing, Hydrating, Anti-Ageing/Treatment and finally Moisturising. For full details and specific information best suited to your needs, please email any queries to ‘’

It is the intention of the Brand to assist each client with a routine and range of products that is best suited for them, if a product is deemed unsuitable, then it will be replaced. If in rare circumstances, a client becomes incompatible with the range; for example due to allergies with certain essential oils, the client will be refunded in full irrespective of how much product is used. The client is covered for refunds effective 6 months after the purchase of the product from the online store. Any case exceeding this period is at the discretion of the customer care representative.

LM ships worldwide and has shipping centres in the United States and United Kingdom. We expect domestic deliveries to arrive within 1-4 days and international deliveries to arrive within 7-10 days. If your order has not arrived within this time period, please get in touch with our customer care team at ‘’

Whilst everyone’s skin is different, several of our products have been designed specifically for sensitive skin. We would be delighted to talk to you further about your specific requirements and offer assistance, please email any queries to ‘

The vouchers are redeemable within 1 year. In addition, any purchase of a Linda Meredith Voucher will automatically be coupled with access to a fully trained client representative to ensure your vouchers are put to the best use possible. For product support, please email ‘