Pop star Pixie Lott is a regular at Linda Meredith’s Knightsbridge facial and beauty treatments salon. The beautiful 26 year old joins the star studded list of Linda Meredith’s celebrity clientele.

While relaxing at the spa, Lott tells us: “My skin can be prone to the odd breakout when I am stressed, or if I don’t take good care of it or drink enough water.” The recently engaged star adds, “ I plan to book in for a series of facials to ensure that my skin is picture perfect for my wedding.”

With a client list that includes Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Victoria Beckham, Linda Meredith is the go-to expert for every celebrity with a skincare emergency or special event.

And as for what’s on her shopping list, Pixie says: “At home I use Linda Meredith’s Gel Cleanser, Phyto and Serum and I am particularly in love with Linda Meredith’s Enzyme Scrub for clean, bright skin.”