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How to use Amazon

As this product is classed as a balm and not a water based cream, it may require softening between the fingertips before application. Pay particular attention to damaged areas such as fine lines and scar tissue left after breakouts. Amazon is also useful when applied directly after a skin irritation, such as sunburn.

Step 1: Using an amount equal to a small to medium sized coin, work gently between the fingertips to warm the product to make it more spreadable.

Step 2: Start the application in the centre of the face, either side of the nose and spread outwards towards the cheeks, then to the centre of the forehead and continue to spread outwards towards the temples.

Step 3: With a similar amount of product or slightly less depending on preference, repeat the process at the centre of the chin, working up towards the ears and similarly on the upper lip working towards the same area.

Step 4: From the base of the neck, work upwards towards the jaw line, as the product warms from the heat in the skin, it will become more pliable and work more easily. Now that most of the face and neck is covered with the product it can be massaged easily covering any points missed across the face. A drop or two of Serum, mixed in, will make the product spread more easily.