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How To Use Cream Cleanser

Step 1: Apply a generous amount of cream to a dry or damp cotton pad. Starting on the forehead, work in circular movements which will help more of the product to absorb. Using a second pad, repeat the process working down one side of the face.

Step 2: Take more product on a third pad for the other side of the face and finally repeat, working the cleanser around the jawline and neck.

You may need to use several cotton pads depending on how much makeup you have applied; the important thing is to get to a point where the pads look virtually free of all traces of make-up.

The Cream Cleanser can be used around the eye area but pay particular attention not to get any product in the eyes, otherwise, rinse off with warm water.

Step 3: Remove all traces of cleansing cream with a damp muslin or face cloth, paying particular attention to the hairline and facial creases. In the evening, it is recommended to follow the use of Cream with Gel Cleanser for a ‘double cleanse’

For a quick boost of Hydration; as a final stage spray the face with Hydrating Mist.