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How To Use Hydrating Gel

It is necessary to thoroughly cleanse and dry the skin so that the correct amount of product is used.

Step 1: The first step is to apply a generous layer over the entire face and neck, there might be a slight tingling sensation due to the concentration of Lime Oil in the product, this is normal. If the areas around the eyes are sensitive, avoid the area, otherwise a fine layer can be applied.

If the product absorbs quickly into the skin it is telling you the skin is dehydrated, if this is the case then apply a second layer. When the product no longer absorbs, hydration is complete.

Certain areas of the face can become more dehydrated than others. The product will usually absorb first on the forehead and cheeks; therefore, a little more product may be needed in these areas. 

Step 2: The final action of Hydrating Gel is to gently exfoliate the dead skin cells still attracted to the surface. If any product residue remains on the surface of the skin, it will be on the lower part of the face underneath the cheekbones.

The first application may be enough to exfoliate the skin. However, if required, take a small amount between the fingertips and gently rub the product from the forehead towards the hairline until it starts to peel. Repeat the process across the entire face, making sure not to dry the skin.