Every skin is unique mainly due to genetics and ethnicity which means texture and thickness will vary. Although we give a generalisation on how much product to use, some will of us may need more than others.

Cream Cleanser - Apply a generous amount onto a cotton pad and work in circular movements around the face, neck and gently over the eyes. Repeat until the cotton pad is clean.

Collagen Gel - A fine gel that absorbs quickly. Apply morning and evening over the entire face and neck including the eye area under your preferred moisturiser.

LM2 - A preferred day cream when extra nourishment is required. Spreads easily over the entire face leaving a natural glow with or without make-up

Phyto 4 - This most versatile product can be used on any skin. Preferred as a night cream apply enough product to cover the entire face and neck spreading excess over the eye area. For an extra boost if skin feels tight in the morning add 2 or 3 pumps of serum.

Serum - Can be used as a repair serum on problem areas or over the entire face and neck or as a booster added to products such as Amazon for easy application.

For more details check out how to use on individual products.