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How To Use LM1

Any products, such as LM1, that contain high levels of active ingredients should always be applied first on clean skin; this will give the product the best chance of working at its optimum level and achieve maximum absorption.

Step 1: The first step would always be to cleanse the skin thoroughly, if using LM cleansers, follow the information on the application leaflet, otherwise ensure all residues are completely removed in preparation for LM1.

Step 2: Apply one or two pumps to your fingertips and apply the product on the face, starting between the cheek and jawbone. This is always the first area any face product should be applied, as it is the thickest area of skin.

Step 3: Before the product has completely absorbed, spread the product across the lips and move upwards covering the entire face to the hairline. Residue product from the first point of application can be taken down the neck.

Step 4: LM1 is so fine it can be used on the eye area, (making sure no product enters the eyes). LM1 has been designed to compliment LM2 and Net-45 as the preferred day or night creams, however if these are not available, follow with your preferred moisturiser.