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How to use Serum

Serum contains essential oils that will completely absorb into the skin without causing breakouts.

Step 1: Take an amount of product the size of a small to medium coin (approximately 2-3 drops) and place in the palm of your hand. Spread the product between your two palms, then place them directly on your face. Press lightly so that the Serum is transferred onto your face.

Step 2: Now use your fingertips to move the product around using light concentric circles covering your face and neck. It is not necessary to avoid the eye area as Serum is a very fine oil and will help to gently reduce fine lines in those areas. It is not necessary to massage the product in heavily as the ultra-fine texture will absorb with light movements.

Leave the product for a few minutes to heal and repair the skin. Any slight residue which remains on the surface will completely absorb during the night.

If preferred, one or two pumps of Serum can be added to any night cream as an extra boost to the skin, especially in the winter months. Place the cream into the palm of your hand, then add the Serum. Blend between your palms, then apply to the face.