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How To Use The Regime Prep Kit

Step 1: On clean skin, apply a layer of enzyme peel over the entire face and neck and around the orbital bone of the eye area. Leave on the face until only the fine walnut shell powder remains.

Tip 1: For a deeper exfoliation, dampen your finger and in circular movements gently rub the granules over the entire face and neck

Tip 2: For a softer peel gently remove with warm water and then a dry face cloth to ensure all of the product is removed. Double check the hairline and sides of the nose

Step 2: Take a generous amount of Hydrating Gel and apply over the entire face and neck. The gel can also be spread very finely closer to the eye area especially fine lines.

Step 3: Generally, the first application will absorb very quickly into the skin therefore apply a second layer and possibly a third if required until the product stops absorbing.

To Note: Due to the citrus, the product may tingle especially on the lips, remove using your fingers in circular movements over the face and this sensation will disappear.


Step 4: Once dry remove any particles with dry fingers followed by a dry face cloth. Skin should now appear plumped, glowing and more youthful.