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How To Use The V-Tox Oxygen Mask

Step 1: On clean skin, apply a fine layer of V-TOX over the entire face and neck

Re-apply a second layer to areas of concern, nose to mouth lines, top lip, forehead, and outer corners of the eye area.

Tip 1: Do not apply on the top lid or too close under the eye area.

Step 2: Remove the Oxygen Mask from its sachet unfold and remove the backing section.

Position the mask on the forehead and smooth out around the eye area following on down the face. The mask can be repositioned into any area so that it feels comfortable and covers any areas of concern

The skin will now absorb the oxygen serum and the surface mask will begin the dry out. This dry out time will be different on every client from 15 to 30 minutes in some cases.

Step 3: Remove the mask and apply the remaining serum from the packet over the entire face and neck including the eye area. Skin should now appear plumped, glowing and more youthful.