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The range of 6 essential vegan make-up brushes

The range of shapes and sizes is huge, so rather than buying something that looks nice, chose the style that is going to make it easier for you to achieve the perfect result. There are three sections to every make-up brush, the hair, the ferrule or metal section and the handle, each of which will give you the correct pressure, so not to streak or smudge your make-up.   


There are different shapes to the hair section, flat top, round or hovis, filbert or point and angled and the volume of hair within each brush, can also change which colour product it is best suited to. The ferrule or metal section which attaches the hair to the handle will either be round or nipped to change the pressure of the brush and finally the handle which on average should be around 5 inches long, as this gives a good balance and is more comfortable to use.


Colour cosmetics come in a variation of textures from powder, cream, liquid, gel and wax some of which you may apply even with your fingers, if you have flawless skin and no need for foundation or concealers.