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Smudge Makeup Brush

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Brushes constitute the most important part of your make-up “tool kit”, so choosing the right shape and size, will ultimately give you the perfect professional finish. This limited edition range has been kept fundamentally simple, a clear range of brushes, shaped and sized to make it easier to achieve the perfect result.

Smudge Brush

The smaller ‘hovis’ (round tipped) brush gives a more precise pressure for definition as the hair is shorter and the ferrule nipped tighter.

The Linda Meredith Range of Brushes

The formula was simple in its conception, no plastic nor animal products, recycled materials where possible and recyclable in full. Once the rules were established, the skill, professional design, and artistic flair was added to create a striking collection of brushes for professional artists as well as make-up enthusiasts.

The Hair: Boasting ground-breaking technology, each brush has been developed with the most innovative vegan hair available. Each strand of hair has been specifically designed to mimic the natural animal hair, resulting in seamless application for both liquid and powder formulations. Our range also uses hypo-allogenic and antibacterial materials, absorbing minimal product, resulting in less waste. Handmade in England, each brush is crafted and perfected by a team of experts to ensure excellent attention to detail.

The Ferrule and Handle: The Traditional artist style brush handles are hand crafted from wood sourced from managed forests then hand dipped in an attractive bright silver paint manufactured to EN71 safety standards. A beautiful formed aluminium ferrule completes the look, binding each element of our brush. We do hope you enjoy them.

The Packaging: What is not commonly discussed are the plastic laminates in most boxes that render them unrecyclable. Our packaging has been designed to be raw, using solely a fully recycled card and pressed to create a simple yet effective statement in sustainable practices.

Smudge Makeup Brush
Smudge Makeup Brush Sale price£21.00GBP